Plant Powered Wellness

5 Health Conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

We all know that women’s bodies are different from men, but to what extent do we truly understand how women can take unique preventative measures to live a long and healthy life? Read More

The Role of Health Coaches

Have you ever thought about why rates of cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses continue to rise, despite increasing healthcare costs? We tend to normalize illness based on how widespread it is in the United States, but illness is not the normal state of our bodies. Read More

Take the Breakfast Experiment

In the world of modern nutrition, almost everyone is on one diet or another, and people dwell on fats, proteins, and lists of “good” and “bad” foods. Low fat, low carb, Paleo, vegan, Atkins…. Read More

Yes, There’s Plastic in Your Seafood

Researchers have been warning about the dangers of ocean pollution – especially the accumulation of plastic – for decades. However, it is only recently that comprehensive studies have begun to emerge showing just how contaminated life in the ocean has become. Read More

Forest Bathing: What It Is and Why It's Healthy

Wellness trends come and go, but we can always look to nature for timeless wisdom that’ll never go out of style. If you’ve taken a walk in the woods lately, you probably know what we mean. Read More

4 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Home Environment

Did you know that health is about way more than what is on your plate? That’s right, your relationships, career, level of fitness, and hobbies all contribute to your well-being – it’s what Health Coaches call primary food. Your home environment is no exception! Read More

Yoga: Nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul

Creating good health means nurturing yourself as a whole being, encompassing your body, mind and soul. Nourishing these parts of you involves eating the right foods, engaging in the correct amount of physical activity, and maintaining a positive mindset and attitude. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to look after yourself holistically is by practising yoga.   Read More


Cultivating Body Confidence Through Yoga

We've all heard that negative voice inside our head - you know, the one that goes on about our tummy being too fat, thighs too wobbly hair too frizzy, etc. Can you remember when that voice started taking over your opinions about yourself? Can you remember when you started listening to that voice? Can you remember when you stopped thinking you were beautiful? Was it in your 20′s? 30′s? 40′s? When you couldn't shift those extra ten pounds as quickly as before? When those lines started appearing around your eyes? The truth is that it's different for each of us.   Read More


Trusting in the Universe - Crazy or Intuitive?

I've had a rough few weeks Two years ago my neck and shoulder were damaged in a car accident. My car was hit because it was in the way during a high-speed police chase. The police were pursuing a stolen vehicle at a speed of around 60 miles an hour on a small residential back street. My car was smashed across the road by the man driving the stolen vehicle. There was no time or space for me to get out of the way. As a result of this, I have suffered extreme travel anxiety, to the point of not being able to drive and being very scared and anxious as a passenger. I have also been struggling with neck and shoulder pain.   Read More


Black Garlic: A New Superfood?

At first glimpse, you might not be so enthralled to put black garlic on your dinner plate. But looks can be deceiving. Does it resemble little jelly-like pebbles of coal? Sure. But its sweet, non-acrid taste and nutritional benefits might make you a believer... Read More