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Cultivating Body Confidence Through Yoga

We've all heard that negative voice inside our head - you know, the one that goes on about our tummy being too fat, thighs too wobbly hair too frizzy, etc. Can you remember when that voice started taking over your opinions about yourself? Can you remember when you started listening to that voice? Can you remember when you stopped thinking you were beautiful? Was it in your 20′s? 30′s? 40′s? When you couldn't shift those extra ten pounds as quickly as before? When those lines started appearing around your eyes? The truth is that it's different for each of us.   Read More


7 Tips for a Nutritious Veganuary

It's January again. Here in the UK it's really cold! With the excess of the festive season firmly behind us (thank goodness), many people are setting new resolutions and intentions for 2017. If like a lot of people you have decided to participate in Veganuary this year, well done! Whether you are doing it for your health, the animals or the planet, congratulations, you're doing a great thing. You'll feel lighter, brighter and happier by the time the month ends, and hopefully you'll want to continue on throughout the year. Read More