Plant Powered Wellness

Creating a High Vibrational Home Part 2

Bedroom The bedroom is probably the most important room to focus on. If you go out of your house to work, your bedroom is the room you spend the most time in your home. You also sleep here, and the vibrational frequency of your room will affect your quality of sleep. Read More


Create a High Vibrational Home Part 1

I have noticed that things that raise my energy frequency make me feel happier and more able to live my life from my heart and in flow with the universe. We are all energy, as is everything else, and we can tune our energy to a higher vibration with the help of pure, clean plant based foods, and practices such as meditation, yoga, gratitude and creative pursuits. Read More


7 Tips for a Nutritious Veganuary

It's January again. Here in the UK it's really cold! With the excess of the festive season firmly behind us (thank goodness), many people are setting new resolutions and intentions for 2017. If like a lot of people you have decided to participate in Veganuary this year, well done! Whether you are doing it for your health, the animals or the planet, congratulations, you're doing a great thing. You'll feel lighter, brighter and happier by the time the month ends, and hopefully you'll want to continue on throughout the year. Read More